An old and commonly used statement follows “life is unfair”, and in all its simplicity it is a
somewhat accurately defined statement of life in general. If life in general is unfair, one
particular thing is the clearest example of unfairness itself – and that being diseases. More or
less all forms of diseases are unfair in different aspects, however cancer in particular is
unfair. Cancer discriminates no one, and regardless of how good you have chosen to live
your life or take care of your health cancer can be greeting you by the corner. Kids as adults
and elderly. Sick as well as otherwise healthy. Non-smoker as smoker. No one can be
certain to have escaped cancer. This aspect is one of the reasons as to why there is such a
global and unizonal urge to cure cancer. Swedish society has developed this further as to
use Machine learning radiation therapy for safe use for patients for cancer treatment. As
there is yet not always a certain cure for different forms of cancer, there are however good
options for treatment of cancer. Forms of cancer treatment have long been debated and as
to how safe these options are, and in particular which effects may follow on the individuals
health and wellbeing. The search for new and more advanced forms of treatments for cancer
hence follows, and there are always new things to be learnt. Relatively new to the market is
Machine learning radiation treatment which is a new and advanced form of cancer
treatment, aiming to make treatment of different forms of cancer safer and and line with the
knowledge that we today obtain regarding medical technology and cancer itself.

Machine learning in cancer treatment
Machine learning is proving to be a major breakthrough for many different industries, and
RaySearch is demonstrating the many benefits for use in the oncology
sector as well, hence using it as Machine learning radiation therapy. The many complex
tasks of using machine learning in oncology includes finding safe treatment options for
patients as well as developing the machine learning systems to be safe enough for Machine learning cancer treatment.

One of the main ideas regarding this form of treatment is to
develop the machine learning enough for it to be sophisticated radiation therapy and planing
system hence allowing the medical staff to focus on other tasks. In this aspect Machine
learning cancer treatment may become a groundbreaking form of cancer treatment in
multiple different aspects. The search for safe and well developed forms of cancer treatment
continues, and machine learning sure is a promising candidate.